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Who is Neslican Tay | We Lost Her

She was 22 years old. She had a youtube channel and I met her there for the first time. Although she was 22 years old, she had eaten cancer three times. She got cancer for the 4th time and I beat this disease 3 times and she said that I will beat its again.

She lost one of her legs because of cancer and called herself an iron woman because of the metal prosthetic leg she wore. She didn’t have hair because of the chemotherapy.

She was in front of the camera telling the subscribers of the youtube channel about cancer.

There was such a light in her eyes that the disease did not suit her. 

Despite all the difficulties faced by light and hope in their eyes turkey loved it very much. 

Some abusive people said she was videotaping her youtube channel to bring her medicine costs for free. This thought upset the neslican. she was not like that. Perhaps these thoughts caused her death.

Neslican was very exhausted on his last shares. In her last instagram share she said her body was giving complicated reactions to treatment.

the news says it was removed from the intensive care unit. All turkey was waiting for news of her. A good new..

She didn’t, she couldn’t get out of the intensive care unit.

we lost the light in our lives with her. no one like her will come to this world. because she never gave up. lost while fighting. neslihan passed from this world. ideas, smiley face, eyes inside that hope is now with us.

goodbye neslican, your smiling face will never be forgotten

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